Bazaar Policy

1. FlickPost Bazaar Policies

Everything posted on FlickPost Bazaar is for public viewing and can be seen by anyone on or off FlickPost. Check out our FlickPost Bazaar Policies.

2. FlickPost Advertising Policies

FlickPost Advertising Policies outline the guidelines, policies, terms and conditions, rules and regulations to be adhered to when you post your Ad. When you place an Order, the Ad and content is reviewed using these criteria.

If you think that your advertisement has been wrongly reviewed and needs reconsideration, please [email protected]

Keep in mind that violating our ad policies may lead to enforcement action against your ad accounts. Enforcement actions may include:

  • 2.1. Disabling associated Brand Page
  • 2.2. Disabling existing ads
  • 2.3. Restricting the ability to run new ads
  • 2.4. Disabling any or all your accounts
3. The Advertising Review Process

Before your advertisement appears on FlickPost Bazaar, the advertisement(s) you submit will be reviewed /screened to make sure that it meets the advertising policies. Typically, this process takes 24 hours, and in some cases, and long weekends, it may takes up to 48 hours.

4. What is Ad Review?

This process reviews your advertising images, text, targeting and positioning. The Ads may not be approved if:

  • 4.1. They are not fully functional.
  • 4.2. Do not match the product and services promoted.
  • 4.3. Fail to comply with the advertising policies.
5. What happens after Ad Review?

After your advertisement has been reviewed, you’ll receive a notification and your ad will be visible on FlickPost Bazaar once it's approved.

6. Steps to take if disapproved

Your Ad can be rejected if it fails to comply with the terms and conditions, policy, guidelines, rules and regulations spelled out. Sometimes, though, it could happen due to reasons outside the purview of these specifications. At such times, you can request reconsideration by writing to [email protected]

7. FlickPost says NO to:
  • 7.1. Gambling
  • 7.2. Adult sexual content
  • 7.3. Copyright infringement
  • 7.4. Sale or promotion of counterfeit goods
  • 7.5. Promotion of drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • 7.6. Advertising and sale of products derived from endangered species.
  • 7.7. Promotion or sale of tobacco products, specific accessories and brands.
  • 7.8. Promotion of unauthorized ticket sales
  • 7.9. Promotion of weapon and weapon accessories
  • 7.10. Illegal sales of products and services
  • 7.11. Products without License
  • 7.12. Health supplements without appropriate approvals
  • 7.13. Discriminatory /deceitful practices
  • 7.14. Sites with non-functional landing page
  • 7.15. Auctions
  • 7.16. Spyware or malware
  • 7.17. Sale of body parts
8. FlickPost allows restricted advertising in these categories:
  • 8.1. Online and Offline sales of Alcohol
  • 8.2. Dating Apps
  • 8.3. Regional lotteries
  • 8.4. Personal Health products and services
  • 8.5. Online pharmacies
  • 8.6. Promotion of over-the-counter medicines
  • 8.7. Subscription services
  • 8.8. Crypto currency products and services
  • 8.9. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • 8.10. Cosmetic procedures and weight loss
  • 8.11. Ads that educate raise awareness and /or call for action in connection with civic, political, economic environmental and social causes
  • 8.12. Promotion of financial services and related content
  • 8.13. Promotion of health and pharmaceutical products and services
9. FlickPost doesn’t permit, encourage or allow:

Content that promotes encourages or incites acts of terrorism. Sensitive content- Death/Injury/surgical procedures/ gory media updates/adult content/Porn//graphic violence/hateful imagery .

Violent content and threats, gore and mutilation towards individuals or groups - this includes threats of theft, property damage, or financial harm.

Content that aim to shock.

Content that showcases any form of mutilation or torture of human beings, animals (including bestiality), or their remains.

Intimate or suggestive photos/videos

Spamming to drive traffic.

Content that requires disclosure of private information- financial details or identity numbers.

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