Our Vision

To create a vibrant social space where Indians can belong, connect, bond, share, exchange conversations and stay happy together.

Our Mission

Create an exclusive safe and social universe for Indians to come together and exchange conversations, memories, cherished moments and everything that matters to them.

Provide businesses an opportunity to promote themselves, grow, create jobs and strengthen the economy.

Reflect the Indian spirit of unity in diversity in everything we say, do or practice.

To create a sustainable future where people come together to move further as a community.

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Nowhere in the world is together such a wonderful place to be like India. Festivals, functions, traditions, rituals, every celebration in this country has always been about people coming together to create a happy vibe.

FlickPost made its debut on August 2015 as a social platform and an ode to this great Indian spirit. The core principle of this platform validated ‘Happy Together’ as an emotion with a strong spreading power that could be passed on-to friends, the friend’s friend, followers, communities, groups, customers, vendors, workplace and everyone the User connected with online.

Today, FlickPost has become an established social networking site and a brand to reckon with and has 200.000 followers. A happy space to be, it provides a safe place for people to come together, have enriching exchanges and live in the moment.

Truly Happy Together.

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FlickPost Leadership is a tight-knit team of technologists, thinkers, and creative people. As rigorous learners, they constantly work together to explore growth avenues and build roadmaps by encouraging new ideas and different perspectives.

Parent Company

FluxGenic Technologies Private Limited is a boutique Technology Products and Services Company based in Puducheery, India

The Company specializes in digitally-enabled innovation that shapes ways of working, processes, and people. From building platforms to technology-based competencies, specializing in Web, Desktop, and Mobile App Development Solutions, FluxGenic has helped several businesses and organizations walk through the path of digital transformation.

FlickPost is FluxGenic’s latest product for the Indian market- a feature-rich, user-friendly Social Networking Microsite Platform that gives users multiple ways to communicate freely. With rich interfaces like 3D characters and personalized user actions, FlickPost is currently available on Web, iOS and Android platforms.

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