Welcome to FlickPost’s Brand Center. For all the latest information, including links to screenshots,
photos and images, download the full brand guidelines.

Brand Resources

The FlickPost brand represents a set of values and design principles that reflects our Company’ philosophy, so we request you to follow the specified guidelines when you use our brand assets.

FlickPost permits the use of its Logo, Name and screenshots and other brand features by Members, third party developers, partners and media and expects strict adherence to the specifications.

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The Master Version is flexible and can lend itself to variations across platforms.

Download Master Version


Actual Logo Colors should be used every time for applications online or print. Please use the following colors specified in these images.


Use the FlickPost Screenshot as represented in the site. Do not modify, edit, distort, recolor, or rotate the image.

You should not superimpose graphics, photos, or ad copy on the screenshot or otherwise change the look of the screen-captured image.

Social Icons

Want to represent FlickPost alone or along with other Social Icons? Keep it container free or use it with the options we have provided- circle, square or square with rounded edges.


You cannot modify, correct or abbreviate the name. FlickPost is a single word where the alphabets "F" and "P" are always capitalized.


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